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Crestor has demonstrated the ability to reduce the size of the plaques only after 2 years of admission to the dose of 40 mg per day. In General, if resources allow - better than the original drug is nothing. And original rosuvastatin is the Crestor". But if there is a question: or not treated at all or make quality generic then it is better quality generic. Be aware that all the long-term effects of rosuvastatin - reduction of mortality, myocardial infarction and stroke has been demonstrated only for "Crestor" for the rest of the generic thus has not been investigated. Although, of course, high-quality generic needs to cause comparable reduction of cholesterol in the blood and this must be proven through appropriate studies.

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The only downside is the price. Especially now, after the exchange rate change. Who can afford - let them buy. You should be aware that treatment with any statin drug is not for lowering cholesterol and to reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke and death from cardiovascular causes. That is why to take statins should years. Then You will be more protected from the above-mentioned trouble. If crestor expensive for You, then it is better to start and high-quality generic. Because a significant benefit from taking it one-two-three months will not. Cholesterol will surely drop, but, by and large, don't take statins for lowering cholesterol and for reducing the risk of trouble in the form of myocardial infarction, stroke, etc risk this typically starts to decline only after many months from the start of taking statins.

And now You ask, does that mean Crestor have cleared their way and became the best-selling statin on the market? I will answer You – not quite. After Lipitor lost its exclusivity in the market, consumers, patients and doctors began to think whether or not to replace taking Lipitor its cheaper version – generic. And many have done so. Thus, due to market genericobuy version of Lipitor Indian company Ranbaxy (Ranbaxy), sales of Crestor fell by 9% over the last year. It seemed that sales of the drug Crestor could get a new boost thanks to new medical recommendations, according to which patients have to take drugs satinovye, if they are at risk of high cholesterol.

Principle of action of the drug generic Crestor

The drug Crestor has a directional effect on the liver, the tissues of which the catabolism of low density lipoproteins (LDL) and the formation of cholesterol. Once in the human body, rosuvastatin provokes an increase of the number in cell membranes of hepatic receptors for low density lipoproteins. As a result, there is an increase in catabolism, the LDL uptake, the reduction of intensity of process of formation of very low density lipoproteins. At the same time reduced the content of these substances in the blood serum of the patient.